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Alan Bonner

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Why This, Why Now, Why Us?

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From the desk of Alan Bonner - June 25th 2024...

True story - I really am sitting at my desk right now writing this for you...

Another True Story...

I started my first business all the way back in 1984, can you imagine… no internet, no mobile phones, no social media!? Fast forward what feels like a hundred years to 2024 and in my opinion, we're now developing the easiest thing in the world to market and sell.

❓Who is this for:

This is especially for people who love marketing, are interested in AI and want to help small and medium sized businesses. If that’s you, this could well be the most important copy I’ve ever written.

Because we’re talking about Artificial Intelligence, we’re talking about AI. And the AI market is booming! It's already projected to grow to $190 billion by the end of next year. Businesses across all industries are adopting AI to automate processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.

We're getting in early... and here's why investing your precious time (and perhaps money) in AI solutions is the best move right now:

💥 Market Size and Growth:

✔️Exponential Growth: The AI industry is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.62%, making it one of the fastest-growing sectors globally.

✔️High Demand: Companies are actively seeking AI solutions to stay competitive. From AI Business ChatBots to AI predictive analytics, the demand for AI technologies is skyrocketing.

✔️AI for small business is like a self-selling product: It's not WIZARDRY of course, it still requires a lot of effort, but compared to most other jobs, it’s relatively easy work.

🪑 Our Four Legged Stool:

1️⃣ Free Community: Join our Free Online ChatBot Entrepreneurs Community.

2️⃣ Either

Become a Sales Agent and enjoy Lucrative Monthly Recurring Commissions: Our AI Business ChatBots programme offers commissions up to 50%, providing a substantial income stream with zero to minimal investment.


Launch Your Own AI Agency: Our Whitelabel Partner Programme allows you to establish your brand in the thriving AI market. With our turnkey business system, you'll get full control over sales, billing, AI ChatBot creation and customer relationships. Offering immense profit potential under your own control, whilst building your own brand.

3️⃣ MarketingSuite: is the backbone of our business. It's an entire suite of tools that seamlessly integrate and automate our business processes.

4️⃣ Help and Support: You won't just join our programmes and be limited to all their fantastic features and benefits, you'll also enjoy the hands-on help and support from Peter Kakoma and Alan Bonner. That's like a gazillion years of practical in the trenches experience for free!

🔑 Help and Support:

Done-for-You Solutions:

For Sales Agents, we do all the installations, back-office operations and customer support.

For Agency Owners, we handle all the initial setup, enabling you to focus on growth and sales.

Comprehensive Training: Both Agents and Agency Owners receive extensive training and support, ensuring you succeed regardless of your technical background.

Peter Kakoma's Expertise: Peter's an AI Business Chatbots expert. He's a seasoned software engineer with over 15 years of programming experience. Beginning his career as an intern at a web development company, Peter quickly mastered WordPress and HTML, laying a strong foundation for his future endeavors.
As an entrepreneur, Peter has spent the last nine years leading his team to build custom digital solutions. He has extensive WordPress experience including speaking at WordCamp events.

Today, Peter focuses on AI-driven business solutions. His commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for business transformation makes him a trusted expert in AI Business ChatBots. With Peter, you gain a partner dedicated to supporting your efforts and driving your success through innovative AI solutions.

Alan Bonner's Expertise:

Proven Leadership: Alan's track record and mentorship, combined with Peter's experience guarantees you a competitive edge. With our guidance, we're not just creating our AI market; we're poised to dominate it.

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