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Earn High Commissions as an AI Business Sales Agent

Leverage Cutting-Edge AI Technology to Boost Your Income

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If you're tired of false promises and chasing unreliable income sources, and you're looking for a lucrative opportunity to earn high recurring commissions... Then please consider riding the AI wave with us. Become an AI Business ChatBot Sales Agent and secure a steady, monthly recurring high-income stream ~ with zero to minimal upfront investment.

Whether that’s something as simple as selling an AI ChatBot to get your foot in the door and help the business manage customer website questions, objections, or capture leads…

Or design an entire AI integration for them, covering things like using AI to automate 80% of their repetitive tasks, like their social media, customer support, email marketing, advertising and creatives, automated video production and content creation, automating repetitive business processes, etc…

And that’s not to mention the fact that when you've developed these skills, you can also write your own ticket, launch your own thing, and be light years ahead of the rest, no matter what it is you choose to do in the future…

Forward thinking companies are scrambling to hirie AI “experts” for crazy amounts of money, to help them figure out how they can use AI within their businesses.

As an AI Business ChatBot Sales Agent, you can achieve significant financial success while helping businesses transform their operations.

💼 Sales Agent Plans:

Agent Plan 1️⃣
Receive 40% Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Commission.
Cost per month: $0.00.
Benefits: All sales and clicks tracked on Business-ChatBots.com

Agent Plan 2️⃣
Receive 45% MRR Commission.
Cost per month: $20.00 (free for 14 days).
Benefits: All sales and clicks tracked on your own personal web page + bio. Check out this example: Business-ChatBots.com.

Agent Plan 3️⃣
Receive 50% MRR Commission.
Cost per month: $97.00 (free for 21 days).
Benefits: Includes a Full MarketingSuite Account, including customised website, sales funnels, automations, CRM, email marketing platform, automated booking system, calendar integration, etc. etc.

Key Benefits:

High Commissions:
✔️ Earn up to 50% monthly recurring commissions on every sale.

Personal Branding:
✔️Get a personal webpage and bio to showcase your expertise.

Marketing Tools:
✔️Access to MarketingSuite tools for effective sales and marketing strategies.

Training and Support:

✔️Comprehensive training and ongoing support to help ensure your success.

Success Strategies:

✔️Copy and paste campaigns and templates are all yours as well.

Expanding ChatBots Portfolio:

The styles and features of our ChatBots portfolio continues to expand, allowing us to create simple or complex AI ChatBot Assistants.

ChatBot Styles

Click the image above to check out the different ChatBot styles and features.

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